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Caixa offers with an updated average salary of 3.25%

Caixa offers with an updated average salary of 3.25%

The State Bank confirms that with the modernization, 80% of employees now receive a wage of more than 2,000 euros.

The Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) has approved for all active and retired employees an update of the average salary of 3.25%, which will be applied in the processing of salaries for the current month, effective January 1, in anticipation of the review. Who comes
These are agreed upon in the ongoing negotiation processes.

The average update of 3.25%, at each pay level in the salary scale, corresponds to an increase of at least 3%, with a minimum of €52.63 applied.

He added that a 3.25% update was also applied to financial expression items, with the exception of the following items: seniority payments, failure allowance, residence allowances, housing loan value, and compensation for death in a work accident.

The meal allowance increases from €12.50 to €12.91 (3.25%). The maternity support allowance increased by 11.11%, from €900 to €1,000.

“With the modernization that will be implemented, along with the promotions, the increase in the fixed wage bill will reach 5%,” the bank headed by Paulo Macedo revealed, adding that “with the inclusion of the variable component of bonuses and business incentives” incentives received last year 93% of Employees, the applied increase means an increase of 7.2%.”

In 2023, according to the INE Institute, the average gross monthly wage per worker was 1,505 euros, the bank recalls.

“With this update, the minimum gross monthly wage exercised in the CGD is €1,519 (pay level 5A + meal contributions) and the average gross monthly wage exercised in the CGD increases to €2,717 (fixed wage including meal contributions and not taking into account management CGD) i.e. 1,212 euros higher than the national average.”

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The State Bank confirms that with the modernization, 80% of employees now receive a wage of more than 2,000 euros.

Training grants for young recruits of lower value have increased by 7.8%, and with the new meal allowance, the minimum a CGD trainee receives is €1,511.

“Meanwhile, in 2024, it will be assigned
Performance, potential and commercial incentives, it is estimated that
Performance and potential are addressed next month or in April and cover more than
90% of employees with an increase in the value scheduled to be distributed compared to 2023,” announces CGD.

“Similar to what is happening in the rest of the banking sector, salary increases for 2024 were not
It is still agreed upon regarding the collective labor contract, without any stipulation regarding it
Strike in the rest of the banks,” notes the CGD, which criticizes the call for a strike on March 1.

The 3.25% increase proposal was the second proposal submitted to the committee
STEC, Mai Sindicato, SBN and SBC, having been rejected by these unions, at a time when
The institution explained that the known salary proposals in the sector are 2%.

He added: “In the normal course of the negotiation process, and after holding only three meetings
In the negotiations, in which CGD improved its proposal from 3% to 3.25%, STEC decided, without warning, to reduce the value of the negotiations through a strike notice (which was drafted
Subsequently by MAIS, SBC and SBN),” the bank says, adding that “the intention behind the strike call at Caixa is incomprehensible, which is not happening in the rest of the banks and despite CGD presenting the best proposed salary revision for this sector.”

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Depending on the current economic context, “Caixa considers it in its interest to immediately increase wages and improve the living conditions of CGD employees, without prejudice to the continuity of collective bargaining with the unions and to monitor other negotiations in the sector, which for this reason will apply the aforementioned modernization from now on, in anticipation of the review that may be agreed upon.” them in the negotiation processes.