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Calls for an emergency meeting on gang violence – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Calls for an emergency meeting on gang violence – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

This is what the Swedish National Radio wrote SVT.

Sweden’s Justice Minister Gunnar Strömer says they are now mobilizing preventive action against organized crime.

SVT reported that the meeting will be held at the beginning of next week.

– We want to make sure that all relevant actors have the same picture of the situation, so that there is common strength in the measures. This is what the Minister of Justice told the TT news agency, according to what it reported Express.

In particular, Sweden’s Organized Crime Board will discuss how they can prevent the recruitment of children and young people into criminal gangs. The council was established in December last year.

The head of Sweden’s National Police previously stated that he believes three people are combined into a gang every day.

Seven murders in ten days

Sweden has recently witnessed many murders and shooting incidents. Seven people were shot dead in ten days in Stockholm and Uppsala.

Swedish media wrote that most of the incidents could be linked to the Foxtrot criminal network.

The conflict is said to have escalated last week. Several Swedish citizens then shot other Swedes in the greater city of Istanbul, Turkey.

In retaliation, the mother of a key member of the Foxtrot gang was shot to death in her home. Police fear a bloodbath and reprisals after the killing.

inner struggle

According to Swedish media, there is an internal conflict between members of the Foxtrot network, which means that gang violence has increased in recent weeks.

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Among other things, they must disagree about whether it is right to recruit children into a gang.

This happened in Sweden just this week:

  • On Monday morning, a 13-year-old boy was found dead in a wooded area south of Stockholm. The case is being investigated as a possible homicide.
  • On Tuesday morning, a man in his twenties was shot in a stairwell in Uppsala. He later died from his injuries.
  • On Wednesday night, shots were fired at a house in Steinhagen, Uppsala. Shots were also fired in the same area on Saturday.
  • On Wednesday evening, a man in his twenties was killed in the Vasastan area in central Stockholm.
  • On Friday night, a teenager died after being found shot to death in Västertorp, Stockholm, on Thursday evening.
  • On Saturday evening, a man was shot dead in Valingby in Stockholm.
  • On Sunday night, a man was shot in Jönköping. He is alive but seriously injured.

– New limits have been crossed

The events of recent weeks have caught the attention of Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

It is believed that the gangs are crossing new borders with their revenge actions. NTB writes:

– When children are shot dead, when mothers are attacked, when people who, as far as we know, are completely innocent are shot, in constant gang reprisals – then I think new limits have been crossed, he said earlier. this week.

Listen to the Update episode about the leader of the Foxtrot network, «Kurdish fox»: