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Campinas students will be able to participate in the Cpsula da Cincia project |  newsletter

Campinas students will be able to participate in the Cpsula da Cincia project | newsletter

Campinas students will be able to participate in the Cpsula da Cincia project

10/10/2022 – 17:54

The Science Capsule Project will be one of the attractions of the 10th Week of Science, Technology and Innovation (SMCTIC 2022). The capsule is a geodesic dome, measuring 95 square meters and 11 meters in diameter, equipped with five video projectors that collectively produce 360-degree images. The capsule project is an initiative of the National Center for Energy and Materials Research (CNPEM) that will visit cities in six states, as well as the Federal District, in the next three months.

The projection addresses, in accessible language, challenges related to science, as well as research developed by the various laboratories that make up CNPEM. While immersed, it is possible to gain a different view of experiments that use some of the most complex resources in current science, such as Sirius, a state-of-the-art scientific instrument, which uses particle accelerators to investigate the most diverse. Substances at the scale of atoms and molecules.

The capsule opening hours will be between October 17 and 21, from 9am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm. Sessions last 20 minutes and accommodate 40 people. Schools interested in taking their students to Science Capsule must register on the website Wait for confirmation via email.


The theme of SMCTIC 2022 will be the Bicentennial of Independence: 200 years of CT&I in Brazil.

The program will consist of on-site scientific-cultural activities and virtual activities promoted by companies and teaching and research institutions, which aim to disseminate and popularize science, technology and innovation in the city. Some of the activities are aimed at students from public and private schools in Campinas and others are open to the general public. Registration for some in-person events closed on September 30, but there are still opportunities for online activities that can be checked on the website.

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The responsibility of SMCTIC lies with the Municipality of Campinas, through the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Technology and Innovation, with structural support from the Municipal Council for Science and Technology, organizations working in the field of science, technology and innovation and the Municipal Secretary of Education and Municipal Secretary for Culture and Tourism. The week is part of the municipal calendar and the theme of each edition follows the proposals outlined by the National Science and Technology Week guidelines.

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