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Can AI help prevent team burnout?  CEOs are convinced of this – HR

Can AI help prevent team burnout? CEOs are convinced of this – HR

Business leaders aren't just looking to AI to fill or replace roles. says they hope this will support the well-being of their workers.

According to a new KPMG survey of 100 US CEOs, 41% plan to increase their investments in generative AI next year. Nearly seven in ten see it as filling talent gaps in a tight labor market. But 61% want their teams to use technology to “automate mundane tasks to better manage workload and relieve stress,” the report reveals.

In fact, on the list of measures to reduce burnout and support the well-being of professionals, AI ranks above team development, manager training and the four-day work week. With the help of AI, professionals can have “more time to focus on creative and strategic work,” explains Sandy Torchia, vice president of talent and culture at KPMG.

Many employees are already adopting this approach: a 2023 Microsoft survey found that 49% of respondents were concerned about their roles being replaced by AI, but 70% of them “would delegate as much work as possible to AI to reduce their workload.” “.

People are “more excited about AI saving them from burnout than they are about eliminating their jobs,” surprises organizational psychologist and author Adam Grant. These solutions have already begun to be implemented in workplaces, such as hospitals, to reduce physician burnout.

“By adopting new technologies and integrating AI Gen responsibly across the company, there is a real opportunity to improve functionality and revitalize the employee experience,” guarantees Sandy Torchia.