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Can the (scheduled) leave be changed by the company?  And for the worker?

Can the (scheduled) leave be changed by the company? And for the worker?

IImagine the following situation: you have already booked your vacation and it is approaching, but the employer has asked you to change it. can you do it What if it is the worker who wants to change plans? What is the opinion of the law?

Let’s do it in steps. First of all, it should be noted that “The inevitable reasons for the company’s work may force the postponement or interruption of vacationsby having The worker’s right to compensation for damages he is proven to have suffered with the change,” according to the Working Conditions Authority (ACT).

“vacation The enjoyment cannot be affected, followed by half of the period to which the worker is entitled‘, explains the ACT, in response tocommon questions“.

In addition, if “the termination of the contract is subject to prior notice, the employer may limit the expectation of leave until the moment before the date of termination.”

And for worker reasons, can vacations be changed as well?

Enjoying the holiday Does not start or stop When the worker is temporarily prevented by reason of illness or any other fact not attributable to him, provided that there is contact with the employer, and continues after the cessation of the impediment, and the period corresponding to the days not taken shall be fixed by agreement or, in the absence of this, by the employer , without undergoing the period from May 1 to October 31,” the ACT explains.

In addition, “In the event of total or partial impossibility to take leave due to the worker’s handicap, the worker has the right to retribution corresponding to the period of leave not taken or enjoyed until April 30 of the following year and, in any case, to the relevant allowance.”

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“Illness is justified by a declaration from a hospital, health center, or medical certificate, but may be examined by a physician. As the ACT alerts.

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