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"Can you sign a 38-year-old player? If it was Dani Alves, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi ... »- Barcelona

“Can you sign a 38-year-old player? If it was Dani Alves, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi … »- Barcelona

Barcelona’s defense made a strange statement about the bet made by the Catalan team

At the age of 38, Dani Alves made a move unexpected for many when he returned to Barcelona to be an option in Xavi’s squad, but for the Brazilian defender, it wasn’t a huge surprise. In an interview with Radio Catalunya, the veteran winger confirmed that he always thought he could play for the Catalans in this second stage and explained why he thought so. “When I left I said that when I’m here I’m happy. To be a part of Barcelona’s history, to feel these colors is what I want. If things are good, we have to repeat them. I hope to be serious when I work and also to be happy. Here again is a gift that I open.” Every day. I always fight for what I want. I wanted to come back because I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to Barcelona. I couldn’t say goodbye after eight years and 23 titles. I got stuck in the spine of being able to come back and say goodbye. He left with joy and not with a misunderstanding. They see me as someone who loves this club. I knew I could play if I came here. For what I do every day, because I work to play and not sunbathe. You might suspect signing a 38-year-old, but not if your name is Danny. Alves, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic … ”, he shot the Brazilian defender. Dani Alves also talked about Messi and assumed it was strange to be in Barcelona without La Bolga. “He’s the best player in football history. It’s strange to be here and not see him, not to be on the field. Sometimes things don’t go the way we dream of. I already told you you wouldn’t. Be in a better place than this. Same thing he said to me.” When I left. It would be great if he finished his career here,” I suppose.

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