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Candidates for the FC Porto elections left messages for their members and presented their assets – FC Porto

Candidates for the FC Porto elections left messages for their members and presented their assets – FC Porto

About two weeks before the elections on the 27th, the electoral portal, set up by FC Porto to disseminate information among members, published messages from all lists of candidates for the club's governing bodies, starting with List A, led by Pinto da Costa. “Todos Pelo Porto is a project that represents a new era for FC Porto, relying on an ambitious program, a renewed team and the guarantee of a club controlled by members. Pinto da Costa is the person most prepared to create the team.” Necessary conditions for a sustainable and victorious future,” said the nomination, considering that the team that accompanies the current president is “the best prepared to lead the success of the club, with undoubted experience and team leadership, based on people like Antonio Oliveira and Vitor Hugo.” Or Vitor Baja, who is presented in parallel. “New blood, full of quality from people with professional careers of enormous importance like João Köhler, Nuno Namora or Marta Masada.” As for List B, headed by André Villas-Boas, its motto is “to defend that “there is only one port”, and that it is the Union that provides the greatest power in the first place,” highlighting three objectives: “to contribute to more partners.” Portista to participate in the elections, we strongly appeal to everyone not to fail to be present at this solemn democratic moment of decisive importance for the future of Futebol Clube do Porto, giving voice to a growing number of Portistas dissatisfied with the direction that has led the club in recent times and gathering desires and skills to present a renewal project. And a peaceful change in the way the club exists and works, without ceasing to fully respect the issues and principles and ensure commitment to victory in every field and in all forms.”

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Nuno Lobo's List C, which is repeated in this electoral law, makes it quite clear what are the grounds for his candidacy. “It is necessary to follow a new direction with the aim of giving greater emphasis to our club at all stages and dimensions, nationally and internationally. It is a request from members to members, from FC Porto fans to FC Porto fans, which does not aim to foster disagreements or useless divisions, but only to integrate and grow, “Relentlessly defending the name and honor of our club in all forums, and never allowing, as has happened recently, a systematic lack of respect from various quarters towards the club, the symbol that we proudly display,” he points out in this nomination. Nuno Lobo wants “a united FC Porto for future generations, always respecting its history”, ensuring that it has “the energy, capacity, resilience and passion required by this mission”, and supports the club “today, tomorrow and always”.

Regarding List D, led by Miguel Brás da Cunha, who is running only for the Supreme Council, he works for “the unsubservient and selective Porto Mayor Football Club, United” and ensures “the continuation of the path started in 2020”. “He relies on the struggle as a Porto player for decades and for the sole purpose of serving FC Porto.”