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CanSino: what is known about the single-dose vaccine being evaluated by Anvisa

CanSino: what is known about the single-dose vaccine being evaluated by Anvisa

Last tuesday, 18, Anvisa Request temporary permission for emergency use from CallingAnd the Vaccine against Corona Virus From CanSino Biologics, a pharmaceutical company Chinese.

The official application was made by Belcher Farmacêutica, the representative of the Chinese Laboratory at Brazil. at Notice, a The health agency says it must provide a response within 7 business days and has already met with lab representatives in March to provide necessary safeguard procedures.

What is the CanSino Convidencia vaccine?

Confidencia vaccine from pharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics, which is jointly produced by the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

The block is made with a Asymmetric human adenovirus, As well as Oxford vaccines with AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, and Jonhson & Johnson with pharmaceutical company Janssen. Like the last one, it is One dose.

The immunization device was the first single dose previously approved in China National Medicinal Products Administration of China (NMPA). Before that, in June 2020, the vaccine had only been authorized for use in Chinese military personnel after approval by the Ministry of Defense Chinese Central Military Commission.

Clinical trials of the vaccine have been developed in Pakistan, Russia, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Since it can be stored and transported in a stable manner between 2 ° C and 8 ° C, the immune system is ideal for countries like Brazil.

The effectiveness of the advocacy

You are Interim analysis data From the third phase of the clinical trial it indicates that the immunization agent has an overall effectiveness of 65.28% in the general prevention of symptoms of Covid-19 28 days after vaccination. However, the effectiveness increases within 14 days after vaccination, rising to 68.83%.

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The same happens in the prevention of severe symptoms against the Coronavirus: 28 days after vaccination, the effectiveness is 90.07%; Already 14 days after applying a single dose, it is 95.47%.