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Venda de carros disparam 63% na Europa! Quem vendeu mais?

Car sales rise in Europe by 63%! Who sold the most?

Auto sales grew again! If there was ever a slice with big breaks in this pandemic, it was the auto segment! The breaks were huge and expectations abound from month to month. February data was bad, but March is already showing growth.

Car sales in Europe are up 63%, which is excellent news. And in Portugal? Find out the best selling car in Europe.

The Volkswagen Golf, Volvo XC40 and Tesla Model 3 are the top 10 best-selling cars ...

February 2021 was a bad month! In Portugal, only 8,311 passenger cars were registered by legal representatives of the brand operating in our country. This value means 59% less than it was in the same month of the previous year. March was indeed different and sales grew by 19.8%, which means that the auto market may resume growth.

Regarding European trade, the growth was 63%, which is very positive compared to the past few months.

According to a study by Gato, the best-selling car was the Volkswagen Golf, with 26,265 units sold. In second place is the Peugeot 208 with 25,420 units sold. The Tesla 3 is also on the list, in fourth place, with 23,755 competing with conventional vehicles.

Car sales rise in Europe by 63%!  Who sold the most?

Regarding PHEV (plug-in hybrids), the best selling in March was the Volvo XC40, with 5,364 units sold. In second place came the Peugeot 3008, with 4,673 units sold. In third place came Renault Captur with 4,355 units. Close to the TOP 10 is the VW Passat with 3,273 units sold.

In terms of BEV (all electric vehicles), the Tesla 3 tops the ranking with 23,616 units. In second place was Hyundai Kona with 5,650 units, and in third place was the Renault Zoe with 5,373 units sold. In the last place of the BEV is the Fiat 500, with 3,415 units sold.

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