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CARAS EXCLUSIVE: Alba Baptista and Chris Evans have already married in Portugal

CARAS EXCLUSIVE: Alba Baptista and Chris Evans have already married in Portugal

Actors Alba Baptista and Chris Evans got married in Portugal, and the venue chosen for the ceremony was Estoril

The actors Alba Baptista that it Chris Evans They had already married in Portugal, after the wedding ceremony was held in the United States of America on the weekend of September 9 and 10.

For the first party, the Portuguese actress, 26, and the American Marvel star, 42, chose Evans’ house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to gather the actress’ family, which is part of her close family and friends who are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Portugal, The new couple’s favorite place was Estoril, in the charming village of Cascais.

The ceremony was held last September, a few days after the first ceremony, according to what the Karas organization was able to find out. “When word started spreading that they were getting married in Portugal, in fact, they were getting married here too.” The source confirmed to us.

This time, Alba’s family and friends, most of whom were Portuguese, were reunited at Forte da Cruz, an old castle in Estoril, bathed in the sea and with stunning views. It is currently managed by the luxury Penha Longa Resort for parties and celebrations that want to remain very private.

This is what the bride and groom asked for; Full appreciation. In fact, just like the ceremony held on Cape Cod, everything was kept secret until the time of the event to avoid any information leakage. They succeeded, because until now no one knew what had happened.

At the ceremony, there was live music and the brigadeiro dough was chosen by the bride and groom for the cake that was broken and served during the ceremony.

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Once the festivities were over, Alba and Chris embarked on a honeymoon that was also kept as private as possible. We learned that the couple was on the coast of Alentejo, but their goal was to go to various parts of Portugal, the country where the Hollywood star surrendered to at the hands of his wife.

How it all started

After several months of rumours, the couple went public with their relationship in January this year, but it lasted for more than 12 months. The American actor participated in his country stories Video previewing the year 2022, captioned with hearts. He appears in the photos next to Alba.

In the post the actor from captain America He revealed that he and his girlfriend love to play pranks. At one point, the actress was surprised and made a typical Portuguese expression.

In November last year, after he was named the sexiest man in the world by People magazine, Evans also spoke about his desire for a serious relationship. “It’s something I want: a wife, children, building a family. When we read about artists, whether they are actors, painters or writers, most of them admit that it was not the work they did that made them proud. They mention the relationships and families they created and the love they experienced.He said.