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Cardano (ADA) Becomes Online 'Dear' and Beats Bitcoin on Twitter

Cardano (ADA) Becomes Online ‘Dear’ and Beats Bitcoin on Twitter

In a high historical week, it was Cardano (ADA) managed to bypass Bitcoin (BTC) in the mention count on Twitter.

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Cardano has become the most talked about cryptocurrency on Twitter, according to survey Developed by Santiment, a market data and metrics analytics firm for cryptocurrency.

Comments and posts containing the words “Cardano” and “ADA” have increased dramatically over the past weekend. Participation continued to rise on Monday (23), reaching a point where the number of references to BTC, the world’s main and most popular cryptocurrency, has exceeded.

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The market has returned to optimism about Cardano since the second week of August, when it was release date of smart contracts on your blockchain.

Since then, the asset has started a strong upward movement, jumping from $1.46 to a new all-time high of $2.95 set on Monday, the same day it became the most-mentioned cryptocurrency on Twitter.

Since then, ADA has fallen along with the market and traded at $2.74 at the end of this story. However, assets are still accumulating 85% in the last 14 days, which helps to understand the reasons why Cardano has been so “popular” on the internet.

Bitcoin, though come close again From $50,000, a secret price increase is accumulating, rising just 4% in the past two weeks, according to Dice to CoinGecko.

Felipe Neto celebrates on Twitter

Tweet from Felipe Netto, one of the most popular YouTubers in the country, shows the power of engagement that Cardano has managed to gain on Twitter.

On the same date as the new record price of the Brazilian cryptocurrency Posted a post It contains the word ADA followed by graphics and Twitter emojis. A few days ago, a YouTuber had already shared that he is investing in it Cryptocurrency.

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ADA can reach $3.00?

Santiment highlights that Cardano’s continued strong engagement on social media will be a critical factor in getting the ADA to cross the $3.00 mark.

According to the analyst Cryptocurrency Jakub Dziadkowiec, if the ADA can establish itself above $2.87 in the next few days, the cryptocurrency has a good chance of following the Fibonnaci targets of $3.38 and $3.94.


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