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Cardano founder criticized for not making promises

Cardano founder criticized for not making promises

Charles Hoskinson, Founder of The Cardano Project, he was commissioned by some members and investors of the ADA Project for his promises of growth in the network that ended up unfulfilled.

This latest discontent among investors and innovators shows that the Cardano ecosystem still faces some issues among its community.

Hoskinson, like any good seller, always speaks highly of Cardano and the many improvements the blockchain will have in the future. However, when those promises are not kept, some investors are fond of remembering that Charles failed to deliver.

In one of his tweets last year, Hoskinson predicted that the blockchain will have hundreds of assets, thousands of DApps and tons of cool projects that keep the community strong.

“Next year, I expect hundreds of assets running on Cardano, thousands of DApps, and tons of different projects, uses and facilities. 2021 will be very interesting to watch Cardano grow and develop. The community is definitely ready for innovation.”

While the network’s growth or not is not entirely dependent on its creator, what many criticize is the fact that the development team at Cardano also did not provide the tools to deliver on promises.

However, one year later, many people reminded Charles that his predictions were nowhere near complete. Users recalled that the post criticizes that almost a year later Cardano still does not have smart contracts.

“About a year later – no smart contracts yet. I guess that means Cardano could have thousands of DApps without smart contracts? A truly revolutionary technology – you are the visionary Charles.”

Without the development of smart contracts capability, there is clearly no way for the blockchain to obtain “thousands of decentralized applications” as promised, and this, unfortunately, has a huge impact from the developer.

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Even those who have ADA and bet on cryptocurrency are not satisfied with the slight development in recent months.

“A year later and we’re still missing it: smart contracts, an Erc20 switch, hundreds of tokens, thousands of DApps. Nothing against Charles, I’m a project consultant at Cardano, I have ADA and I fully support the project. But people need to realize the network impact that makes ETH 100x ahead of the competition.”

And it wasn’t just Charles who made such promises in tweets. In an interview with the channel coding jokeزاح He stated that about 100 projects were interested in migrating to Cardano. However, so far, none of these projects seem to have come out of the planning stage.

This is a problem because, unlike Bitcoin, the value of ADA is heavily affected by updates on the network and also by what has been promised.

Thus, investors who trust that the project will technically be more valuable in the future end up losing.