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Cardiogenic arrest victim Ruggiero Samora wanted to stop being an actor in 2021 but backed down: 'You can't stop acting' - Patriot

Cardiogenic arrest victim Ruggiero Samora wanted to stop being an actor in 2021 but backed down: ‘You can’t stop acting’ – Patriot

when He announced in 2018 that he would no longer represent Rogerio SamorFans were left stunned by the actor’s fatigue and desire to throw everything up in the air. It only took the SIC star a year to change his mind.

I will stop being an actor […] “It’s a very stressful and crazy profession,” said the actor, who was then 57 and 40 years old.

“Enjoy it’s three more years. It’s until the end of the decade [com a SIC]. I am very serious. We have to realize that there comes a time when something doesn’t make us completely happy.” He said in a conversation with Julia Pinheiro.

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The following year the actor Back to Julia Pinheiro’s sofa Such asOther goals And make sure that he won’t be able to stop acting.

I have lived longer to represent, to be others, than with me. I’ve been an actor for 40 years, always working, and that means you don’t have time for other things, for socializing”, in 2019, explaining the reasons for his unity.

“I’m a little lonely, that’s not a shout, it’s for professional reasons, She said. Closer to 60 – now Ruggiero Samura is 62 – he has revealed that he is much calmer. “It’s much quieter today, I’m even slower walkingr,” he commented between laughs.

I was there at a time I probably wanted to change. But then I started thinking: But am I stupid? I’d say something like that without really thinking, and then what would I do? It’s not even an economic issue, what am I going to do? Lock me up at home? Read books and watch movies? I think you can’t stop acting, you can’t stop.”

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Between 2018 interview and now, Ruggiero Samora presented the TV series “Golpe de Sorte” and “Nazaré” and was recording “Amor Amor”. In cinema, he also participated in “O Filme do Bruno Aleixo”, “Sombras Brancas” and “Amadeo”.The latter two are still in post-production.

Furthermore it, The actor got into the hotel business with Golden Holidays by Rogério Samora.

The SIC star was hospitalized at Amadora Sintra Hospital, after cardiorespiratory arrest. It is stable, but with a “conservative prognosis”.

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