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Career Exam 2021. Students compete for qualifications.  When are the results? [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

Career Exam 2021. Students compete for qualifications. When are the results? [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

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Professional Exam 2021. View the worksheet and assignments and see what happens in the 2021 exam

Vocational Training 2021. Summer Session of Vocational Exam started in June. This is a state examination organized by the Central Election Commission. Candidates take the written and practical parts of the exam, which verify their qualifications in the profession. The qualifying session for Formula 2012 and Formula 2017 begins on June 21, 2021. When are the results? Check the details.

The 2021 Vocational Exam for the Summer Session began in June – the first exams began on June 7th. Vocational training (selection to confirm qualifications in the profession) consists of two parts: practical and written. The practical part takes place at the examination center and lasts from 120 to 240 minutes depending on the qualifications. The candidate should get a minute. 75% points are earned for the practical area. Vocational training in the written area is a knowledge test consisting of 40 closed tasks. There are four types of answers to each question. Candidates have 60 minutes to solve tasks from CKE paper from career exam. To pass the written part of the Vocational Exam, you need to get the minute. 50% of all points.

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Professional Exam 2021. Another choice in the era of infection. CKE Guidelines

07:20 Students compete for qualifications. When are the internship results?

Students taking the Formula 2012 and Formula 2017 exams will have their first written exam on June 21, and their professional written exam on June 22, 2021. The results of the 2021 internship will be announced on August 31, 2021. We will publish the most important information in our report.

Professional Exam, June 2021: Check out important deadlines and key dates. Hormonal …

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