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Carl Axel Jansen should go to jail: ‘Very hard’

Carl Axel Jansen should go to jail: ‘Very hard’

Former reality showrunner Carl Axel Jansen, 27, must go to jail after breaching an agreement, reports say TV 2.

Janssen initially avoided serving his prison sentence after being convicted of the million-dollar fraud. Instead, he was sentenced to follow a so-called court-supervised drug programme.

– We must consider whether we should appeal

However, the condition was that he must follow the programme, and that if he did not stick to it, he would serve two years and four months in prison.

Last fall, he was accused of violating the terms of the program, and the Department of Corrections demanded time off.

According to TV2, the court believed that he was “in fact largely evading punishment”, and the district court sentenced him to one year and nine months in prison.

The decision was appealed, but this week it was rejected by the Court of Appeal.

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– I have to review the decision with my clients and consider whether we should appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, Janssen defender Peter Bond told Dagbladet.

conducted to finance medicines

By obtaining the victims’ BankID details, Jansen took out loans in their names.

Three men and three women were defrauded of a total of NOK 4.5 million from April 2018 to August 2019. This had severe consequences for the victims.

In court, the 27-year-old admitted to essentially all the fraud, and the court wrote that he had acted in many cases “clearly reckless, aggressively and very purposefully to get the money.”

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Jansen has He has previously been candid about his struggles with addictionAnd the court found that the fraud was carried out to finance drugs.

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The former TV profile even requested that he not be sentenced to jail and instead be sentenced to pursue a so called drug program with court monitoring (ND).

The court made the following demands: if Jansen did not follow the programme, he would have to go and serve two years and four months in prison.

“very difficult and difficult”

On Snapchat, Jansen asks for peace.

“Yes, I ran away to Thailand to escape. It’s been a very difficult year with severe depression and relapses which now means I’m in divorce proceedings. Now that means I have to pass the time,” the 27-year-old explains.

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Furthermore, he describes himself as a “struggling ex-addict who needs help.” He explains that he “chose in”, and secured a place at the end of March.

“Actually, no one in the whole world has anything to do with it except those closest to me… But I have to participate because the media will share this.”