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Carla Andreno on her husband: “Mario has been serving me breakfast in bed for 36 years”

Carla Andreno was a guest Barbara Guimarães In the does not resist, Thursday morning show on SIC Mulher. They both got emotional as they shared their breast cancer experiences (see here) in one of the most intimate conversations in the format. During the program, the actress described her marriage to Mario Ruy Teixeira.

The secret of 40 years of relationship? Telecommunications. “FWe talk about everything, what is good, but especially what is not so good that the other knows what I don’t like, without being critical. Dialogue without accusationHe starts telling the actress.

Carla Andreno also praised her role as Grandpa. “He had some difficulty expressing his feelings, which he worked on over the years, and now, with his grandchildren, he says “I love you”acknowledges connector changes.

In the video you can see aboveMario Ruy Teixeira surprised Carla Andreno, but Barbara Guimarães also ended up crying. “Mario has been serving me breakfast in bed for 36 years. I often get up at 6 in the morning and he gets up, makes me breakfast, and then goes back to bed.”says the actress.

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