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Carlos Aria talks about Maria Joao Abreu's health condition: They put her in a coma so she wouldn't suffer - to Boil

Carlos Aria talks about Maria Joao Abreu’s health condition: They put her in a coma so she wouldn’t suffer – to Boil

Maria João Abreu Still in hospital after suffering from a brain aneurysm, last Friday, April 30th, during the recordings of the soap opera “A Serra”, by SIC

Carlos Aria, His old friend, who plays opposite him in the series Patrões Fora, from Paço de Arcos, shows his confidence in the recovery of Jose Raposo’s ex-wife. “They put it this way [em coma] So she does not suffer. To me, it’s almost like she’s resting. And it will stay like this until it gets better and is up and running again. ”, To “TV Guia” magazine. Actor asked in the same post “To light a candle for Maria Joao, who is probably one of the best people in this field.”.

Romantic couple Maria João Abreu said in the series “Patrice Fora” that they “are all waiting for good news”. Through his social media networks, Carlos Aria has left a message of strength for his friend. “sTo miss your hug, I am waiting for you. Strength, dear john.

TV Guia spoke to a source from the production of the TV series “A Serra” who was present at the recordings when Maria João Abreu lost consciousness. “Everyone was huddled in there. It was a scene with almost everyone. She actually had a tonometer that day, because she said she had high blood pressure, but suddenly, in the middle of the scene, she passed out.”, He said.

SIC recordings are still in full swing, but the atmosphere we’re in is causing concern about the fellow’s health. “She’s one of the most likable people in the cast. Everything waiting for SIC to say was just intimidating.”, Same source for “TV Guia”.

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Remember, Maria João is in an induced coma after she does Two precise surgeries in the brain In order to stop bleeding and provide a preserved clinical picture.