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Carlos Cruz’s granddaughter will change her gender – Celebrities

Carlos Cruz’s granddaughter will change her gender – Celebrities

Carlos Cruz’s granddaughter will change her sex

Her mother, Marta Cruz, is closely monitoring the medical procedure that Yasmine, 18, will undergo.

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At the age of eighteen, Yasmine Cruz decided to change her gender

Photo: Ricardo RuellaMarta Cruz had a hard time


Yasmine Cruz, 18, granddaughter of former broadcaster Carlos Cruz, will undergo sex reassignment surgery. The teenager’s decision was announced by her mother, former model Marta Cruz, via Instagram, who made sure to make it clear that she is closely following the whole process, which began on Thursday with taking her first medication for this change, and that she supports her daughter unconditionally.

“Today, I cheer with you as you start taking your first hormones. Your smile on the date touched me so much! I know I will smile even more when I see your body transform into the shape you always dreamed of. There is no way to not feel proud of someone like you. I am so grateful and happy,” she wrote. “Being your mother and being able to provide all the support you need.”

In an emotional statement, Marta Cruz revealed that Yasmine’s decision was not surprising. “When we decide to put our lives into this world, we have to realize that it will never be, nor should it be, a projection of our dreams. It was my first pregnancy and I was preparing myself to be a mother to a girl, but I already knew that, even before you knew how to talk,” she says. I started writing.“Do I have fears? I have many! How will I be able to protect you from all the prejudices and evil and negative comments? The answer is very simple: I cannot do it and I will not do it. I will always be here, with you and for you, against everything that comes,” Carlos Cruz’s daughter stressed.Remember, Jasmine is the result of the now-ended relationship between Marta Cruz and dancer Alexandre Gudem. She has a sister named Chiara, born from another relationship Marta had, which also ended with the player Mager. About two years ago, Yasmine Cruz surprised Portuguese viewers when she participated in “The Voice Kids” program, in one of her first steps in the world of music, where she received unconditional support from her family. This year he released his first single titled “Para Quem Não Sabe Amar”.
Yasmine was born at a very sensitive time
In a 2011 book, The Other Victims, Marta Cruz revealed the true ordeal she suffered when her father was accused of sexually assaulting minors. Marta was 18 at the time, and says she turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with her suffering. It was not long before Yasmine became pregnant when she was twenty years old.Hormones help with transformation
Hormone therapy may (or may not) be part of this process. In this metamorphosis, it changes secondary sexual characteristics such as voice and the distribution of hair and fat.Surgery is the last step
Psychological support is necessary in the transitional phase. The final stage involves sexual reassignment surgery.Numbers to increase
In the past five years, 118 minors aged 16-17 in Portugal have requested to change their name and gender on their identity card.
Change documents
To change the name on official documents, you must submit the application to the Civil Registry Office. Adults do not need to submit a medical report.

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