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Carlos Vaz Marquez sues TSF, condemns 'professional bullying'

Carlos Vaz Marquez sues TSF, condemns ‘professional bullying’

NSarlos Vaz Marques used his Instagram account to talk openly about leaving TSF, where he has worked for more than three decades. In a long text, the journalist begins by thanking the opportunities that the radio station has provided him throughout his career, as well as the people he met through. However, he notes, this has been a “long happy relationship with unfortunate results.”

“It has been nearly 32 years. A story that ends poorly, but it won’t make me forget what’s good about it. The recent developments are a secondary phenomenon considering the amount I owe to TSF‘, as he stated at the outset.

Later, in the part of the text he called “indignation,” he describes:

“I would never have thought, after another three decades of dedication, that Global Media Group, the current owner of the TSF brand, would be put in a position to threaten my professional dignity which I have been subjected to in recent months. a condition that I can no longer accept; In honor of TSF’s historical legacy, in memory of the efforts of those with whom I helped build a reference brand, and above all, my personal and professional dignity.

For months I have found myself in a situation that I can only describe as a form of professional bullying. It was TSF itself that unilaterally terminated O Livro do Dia and the new manager felt that after more than a decade with no pay raise, it was time to make me accept my pay cut in half. An unacceptable proposal contested by the return of “O Livro do Dia” or an amicable termination, under terms that other journalists left the company last year. The current TSF management rejected both suggestions: the manager replied “O Livro do Dia” There is no space on the TSF antenna; Negotiated termination is no longer on the table, either. I would even have to stay in the company with my salary cut short. Either that or back to the news shifts.

Patiently, for half a year, I tried to make the company’s HR department aware of the abuse I was the victim of. All in vain.
I was assigned to a shift team and over the past few months my professional activity was limited (on the days when there was something to be done, as for the most part I couldn’t contribute anything to the TSF antenna, although I was subject to working hours), a few of situational telephone calls and the collection of short, recorded telephone data on current topics, often without any relevance to the news.
Given this and a few other circumstances that will emerge in the process that will follow appropriate legal process, I have decided that it is time to stop accepting abuses of my honor and professional dignity. Unfortunately, my relationship with Global Media Group, the current owner of the TSF brand, will have to be dissolved in court.
“But this is a hymn and not a lament / I’ve already said how I feel and now let’s make the point / And let’s change the subject, yeah?”.

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