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Carol Delga and the Socialist Party are often at the forefront in Occitania - publication

Carol Delga and the Socialist Party are often at the forefront in Occitania – publication

Regional and regional elections 2021Document

Outgoing Socialist Party candidate Carol Delga is far ahead, according to the latest estimates. With 39.6%, it widens the gap with RN, indicating second place (22.8%). What the second round considers for the Socialist Party.

Is Carol Delga good on the way? The outgoing Socialist president took the lead in the first round of regional voting this Sunday, garnering 39.5% of the vote, according to the latest Ipsos estimates. This is higher than the National Rally candidate Jean-Paul Carrot (22.9%), but took the lead in the recent elections.

Behind him, Lot Deputy and LR candidate Reliance Bradyk came in third with 11.9% of the vote. He is followed by environmental candidate Antoine Morris (8.9%), LREM candidate Vincent Terreil-Novas (8.3%) and rebel candidate Mariam Martin (5.1%).

Quiet between the towers for Delka?

Socialist Carol Delca should be approached quietly between these weeks. Recent polls have given the winner of the second round, both of which, in a quadruple hypothesis, will be relegated to the EE-LV list, just as the LREM was removed from the list. The merger of the PS-EE-LV (or LFI) lists would thus allow Franுவாois Hollande, the former foreign secretary, to sit in his chair as president. Right behind young Aurelian Brady, the line-up has no chance of success. No discussion is possible with RN as Lot’s young vice president, Chiracian said, maintaining an uncompromising stance on Marine Le Pen’s party. But to the LREM, former LR and Palma’s mayor (hot-coron) Vincent Terrell-Novas, in view of the copy, “Weathervens” The president can respond to calls from the feet of the majority.

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In 2015, Socialist Carol Delca (44.81%) won, in one triangle the National Front candidate (now RN), Louis Alliot (33.87%) and the right-wing union candidate (LR-UTI-Modem), Dominic Rainick (21.32). %).