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Carolina Deslands leaves touching message: 'You kindled me hope'

Carolina Deslands leaves touching message: ‘You kindled me hope’

Using social networks, singer Carolina Deslandes shared an emotional message with a special recipient.

Last Friday, the 18th, was unique فريد Carolina Deslands: For a few moments, the singer shared the stage with Pedro Abronhosa, at a concert by the artist, in Campo Pequeno.

On Instagram, Carolina Deslandes took an emotional assessment of the experience, writing a message to Pedro Abrunhosa. “You kindled hope in me. By your immense generosity, your concern, your friendship, your love. You have seen me with eyes that silenced my fears, and you heard me, and told me I was a treasure, and I thought it was. The greatest treasure we have in life are the friends who believe that we are. And you are also mine.” You are the friend of soul and days. From silly jokes and dark days.”, I started writing بدأت Artist, in the caption of a photo in which he appears with Pedro Abronhosa.

“You kindled hope in me. Yesterday, once again, you lifted the culture and veil about the future, you made us see that people also need to listen to us, to listen to you, and it was like coming home, after walking for days. The end. There’s nothing I wrote for you.” Like luck, I have to share the stage and life with you. If they told me six years ago this was going to happen, I wouldn’t believe it. Thank you, Pedro, thank you, thank you, thank you”, finally thanking Carolina Deslands.

In the comments box, Pedro Abronhosa responded to the singer: “What a privilege it is to have entered my life as in my songs: with such sober elegance, that unrestrained talent that transcends any ground. What you leave from you, an inspiring seed that many will seek more strength when it begins Doubt. Listening to you, Carolina, is a step closer to the beginning, and innocence, the virtue of goodness and the incomparable transcendence of art. Thank you for helping me endure my soul pain and kindle a fire of joy.”

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