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Carolina Patrosino's younger sister celebrates 18 years - News

Carolina Patrosino’s younger sister celebrates 18 years – News

On Friday, November 26, the Carolina Patrosino family has reasons to celebrate. The youngest of Teresa Vieira de Almeida’s daughters, Victoria Jacobi, is 18 years old.

Victoria has thousands of followers on the social network Instagram, and TikTok is where she features her funny videos.

The special date was set by Sister Ines Patrosinho.

“I still can’t believe Vicky is 18 today (wtf?!). My black widow, life is always better with you. Congratulations sister, let’s celebrate as you deserve,” Papada’s sister writes while sharing a set of photos of her birthday girl today.

Ines also revealed her curiosity about the birth of her sister: “Also 18 years ago, the nurse looked at the child and told my mother: this will be the darkest ever,” despite this first impression, the fact is that Victoria is perhaps the least brunette among the sisters The five.

Teresa Vieira de Almeida is the mother of Carolina, Mariana, Ines and Rita Patrosinho as a result of her marriage to Pedro Patrosinho. Monica and Victoria Jacobi are the youngest in the clan, as a result of Teresa’s second marriage.

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