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Idolos Carolina Torres Sara Matos

Carolina Torres leaves the Odolos Theater and leaves Sarah Matos confused: “I’m leaving…”

The penultimate “dolos” ceremony was attended by a number of contestants and winners of the previous editions of the talent competition.

Carolina Torres was one of the former contestants of “Idolos” who were present at the penultimate concert of the talent competition and performed a duet with Eva Stuart.

After the performance, Carolina Torres left Sarah Matos visibly confused at unexpectedly giving up the role. “Wonderful both of them,” began the introduction. “This is a lot more difficult than I remember. This is very complicated. That was 12 years ago, and I wasn’t used to this pace, there is a lot of pressure”guest reply.

“Carolina, your post was a great springboard, right?” , asked Sarah Matos. Carolina Torres replied, “Right.” Filmed by the announcer: “What do you have to say? I knew she was going to leave me like this.”

The singer and actress asked for the floor to pay tribute to Eva Stewart and left Sarah Matos hanging: “I just wanted to take this moment to say, Eva Stewart is really amazing. A 16-year-old has the will and professionalism of this girl, the way she wanted to lead things and do things her way. It’s really great to see these kids, they are all so talented.” That’s it, I’m leaving until next time”

“Thank you for coming,” the host replied, while the guest left the stage. “I’m gone…that’s the right to live”he added.

Joanna Marquez was the first judge to comment on the performance of an ‘Idolos’ competitor and took the opportunity to appeal to Carolina Torres: “If you can come back to live too, you will always be so well received, you can even feel here with us”. The comedian was interrupted by her colleague Tatanka: “To get back to the live broadcast I interrupted him halfway…”

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