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Caroline Fleming: - The Gentlemen's Drama: - A tragedy

Caroline Fleming: – The Gentlemen’s Drama: – A tragedy

Danish TV personality Caroline Fleming (47), who until 2001 held the title of Baroness, is currently in the middle of a very young noblewoman drama, writes Danish. BT.

In our neighboring countries there are still traces of the aristocracy, which means that some surnames have titles such as baron and duke. This also includes Fleming, who lost the title in 2001 when she married a Briton.

Fleming, the eleventh-generation heiress to Joel, is the daughter of Baron Nils Krabbe Joel-Brockdorff and Baroness Margaretha Joel-Brockdorff. Until 2011, she owned Valdemar Castlewhich is located on the island of Tåsinge in Denmark.

Then the castle was inherited by her son, Alexander, who was only 12 years old at the time of her accession.

However, it was the beginning of a long dispute over the castle – which experienced a resurgence after its capture. The castle, which was completed in 1644, was in financial ruin when a young Alexander took the reins.

– Tragedy

A long inheritance dispute and financial problems led to Fleming’s sister, Louise Ewell Albinus, choosing to purchase the castle. Nor was it entirely without problems.

Albinus was unable to obtain the contents of the historic castle in the deal. It belongs to Alexander who is now 18 years old. When the sisters could not agree on the continuation of the castle, mother and son Fleming chose to collect the contents of the castle and put it up for sale.

Inheritance dispute: Caroline Fleming and her son Alexander are holding several auctions these days.  Photo: Nick Harvey/REX/NTB

Inheritance dispute: Caroline Fleming and her son Alexander are holding several auctions these days. Photo: Nick Harvey/REX/NTB
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So far, that has resulted in four auctions, with the 18-year-old managing to raise more than eight million Danish kroner in the first auction – among others for things like beds, chandeliers and family paintings.

Now, however, a new auction of Valdemar Castle has led to a further rupture in the volatile relationship between the sisters, according to BT.

– I think it’s a tragedy, I must admit. Tragedy of Danish cultural heritage. I have no words to describe it, because I really think it is an unpleasant situation, says Albinus to the Danish newspaper, after mother and son Fleming have amassed a fortune in books from the old castle.

– The only thing I can take comfort in is that the people who bought the books are book collectors, but of course this does not mean that they will not leave the country, so Denmark is once again losing its cultural-historical heritage, he adds.

continuous: The interested parties now hope that calm will settle on Kveldsroveien in the municipality of Bærum. Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet
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Notify more auctions

Alexander Fleming earned DKK 1.3 million at the book auction.

Among other things, a large encyclopedia collection from the 18th century was sold for DKK 240,000.

– I am very, very sad about this situation. Is that you divide groups. It’s tragic for the Danish cultural heritage, says Albinus.

She herself was present at the first furniture auction and, among other things, bought a number of paintings. You didn’t attend the last book auction.

She adds that she wants the books back, but has focused on getting family photos back — so she can catch up on family history.

Auction: Valdemar Castle furniture in Denmark is selling out by leaps and bounds.  Photo: Trond Stransberg/Wikimedia Commons

Auction: Valdemar Castle furniture in Denmark is selling out by leaps and bounds. Photo: Trond Stransberg/Wikimedia Commons
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Wednesday’s auction was not the last in the series. Auction house Bruun Rasmussen has announced that there will be another book auction in 2023, from which Alexander Fleming is likely to earn millions more.

Expensive divorce

The former baroness was listed as the owner of Valdemar Castle until 2011, but she is known for completely different reasons. She was raised in the castle, but eventually moved to England.

In 2001, she married wealthy heir Rory Fleming, from the fourth richest family in England at the time. His chosen one was, among other things, the nephew of the writer “James Bond” Ian Fleming. They had two children together, son Alexander and daughter Josephine Margarita (15).

The latter has only the Danes Crown Princess Mary like a godmother.

However, the marriage did not last, and the couple divorced in 2008. They never got out for any official reason, but it must have been a very expensive divorce. Good-bye She claimed that year that the former Baroness would receive nearly £400 million in the settlement, which would equal NOK 4.4 billion at today’s exchange rate.

Fleming has it too I was with Rosenborg player Niclas Bendtner (34). They were together from 2010 to 2012, and they have a son, Nicholas (age 11), together.

Inheritance scope: Lea Isadora Behn is currently on “Powerwomen,” where she’s candid about her relationship in the royal chain of succession. Video: Viaplay/Red Runner
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A Russian nun in an inheritance dispute

Valdemar Castle is by no means the only castle that has been associated with a year-long conflict over the years.

In September, a year-long dispute—over the 140-year-old Hesbjerg Castle in Denmark—between a Russian nun and a chest was settled.

When the castle’s previous owner, Jørgen Laursen Vig, added a small clause to his will, it caused the new owners a headache for 17 years, according to Denmark. TV 2.

The short sentence said that the Russian nun “Mother Amvrosia”, who had the civil name of Lyudmila Garayeva, “should be allowed to live in the castle as long as she wished”.

This led to a dispute between the nun and the Heisberg Fund, the latter believing that she could not be allowed to live there after all. In September, the Odense Court ruled that “Mother Amvrosia” be allowed to remain.

– I think it’s a shame on us, and it’s a shame on the castle, that we can’t now go ahead with the plans we’ve made for the castle, and use it for what we really wanted to – peace research and meeting place head of the fund, Bo Morhorst Rasmussen, told TV2.

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