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Caroline Netter and Christian Brynhofvd live together after separating

In the middle of January the news came that The relationship between Christian Brynhofvd, 23, and Caroline Netter, 24, ended. The former confirmed the breach to Dagbladet and could say that it was “all done”.

– We had such a wonderful relationship and I became so fond of Caroline that it is very sad. Now I’m single and haven’t been in a number of years, so it’s going to be exciting. He said I really hate being one.

Despite the fact that the relationship is over, the couple continues to live together in recent weeks. Brennhovd first revealed it on Instagram.

divided: After the breakup between Caroline Netter and Christian Brynhofvd was real, many wondered what would happen to their onlyfans joint source of income. Here they differ. Reporter and video: Jenny Emily S and Tia Hope/Rod Looper.
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– I’m going to go out

Nitter assures Dagbladet that she lived in the apartment, but also says that she has been abroad traveling and visiting friends. She says the plan is to get out.

– Now I’m going out with a good friend. It would be nice to have a good friend around me.

Nutter also admits that her last period has been exciting and that she needed a break.

– It was like a bomb. It was very tiring. I try to think about myself, even talk about my side when I feel up to it. You don’t have to hand everything on a plate at once.

do not cheat: The big talk of the weekend from celebrity Norway is the breakup between Caroline Netter and Christian Brynhofvd. We met them, and this is what they themselves say about the breakup. Reporter and video: Jenny Emily As and Thea Hope.
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– There’s no point in being mean

Dagbladet speaks with Brennhovd, who also confirms that Nitter still lives in his apartment. He who owns it.

– Yes, we live together. It worked out really well in fact, it’s my apartment, and even if you do break up, there’s no point in being mean.

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Also earlier The “71 Degrees North Celebrity” contestant They used the time after the breakup to travel. He says he’s been to both Marbella and a short trip to Stockholm.

– For me, the holiday gave me better perspectives, so it wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t in love, because I was doing things all the time, every day for two weeks, he says.

Even though the couple shares a home, it’s possible they haven’t seen each other much in the past two weeks – precisely because they’ve both been away.