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Carvalhall: "Sporting is the strongest opponent in the league"

Carvalhall: “Sporting is the strongest opponent in the league”

Carlos Carvalhal Sp. Braga was driven to win over Sporting after he put on “one of the best performances of the season” against Boavista. The coach downplays the recent negative results of Robin Amorim’s team, focuses his talk on what his team can do, and remembers the two “very divided” encounters with the Lions this season.

The coach started by talking about the recent victory over Boavista (2-1) to count the good moment for St. Braga. He said it was one of the best performances Seb had made. Braga this season because of the difficulty of the match also. Boavista is an organized team that defends many players. Fundamentally, we have taken steps forward. There was a turning moment there, with the Belenenses we had some failures collectively, we got better with Rio Ave and in this game [com o Boavista] We made a more complete presentation, closer to our best. We want to continue what we did in the last game », he began by highlighting a preview of Sunday’s game.

Regarding Sporting, Carlos Carvalhall began by pointing out that he was yet to lose. “Looking at our matrix, we will play to win, and we have the ambition to get the three points, knowing that he is the toughest competitor in the tournament because he has not lost yet, and he is the opponent in the first place” begins with a mention.

Despite everything, Sporting for this match comes under classification pressure, with FC Porto only four points away. «Sp. Braga enters every match to win from the start. We look at all the opponents face to face, face to face. This is how we fought similarly with all opponents in European and national competitions. It gave good results, so we are not going to change our stance, realizing that Sporting has more strengths than weaknesses. It’s not a dream issue, we have to work hard, run a lot and try to play well, “he commented.

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A victory at Sporting may be an additional boost to the game, but Carlos Carvalhall says the bigger one will be another. “Playing against these kinds of opponents motivation is intrinsic to the game itself, and no additional factor is required for this game. I would say that the Sp. Braga fans are accustomed to facing all matches with high intensity, extremely strong posture and competitive demeanor. We were very regular. Perhaps the biggest motivation is that we’re two points away from last year’s ranking equation, with six games left. He pointed out that last year we scored 60 points, and this year we scored 58, and we want to overcome those marks and reach as far as possible in the tournament. ”

Saber Braga has previously faced Sporting twice this season, in the first round, at Al Valadi, and then in the League Cup final. “Two different games. I think we played a good game in Alvalade, very divided, and I think it ended up with Sporting, but the game was very divided. The League Cup match might have had the same focus, but Sporting, after his lead, ended the match with a little more and we had two or three good occasions to finish. The main thing about these two matches is that they were very balanced matches, victories fell on Sporting, but they could also have fallen in favor of Braga. What we hope for tomorrow is that it will be divided, but it will fall in our favor, “he commented