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HomesportCasa Pia coach confirms Fernando Andrade's departure: “Decisions for the benefit of...

Casa Pia coach confirms Fernando Andrade's departure: “Decisions for the benefit of the team” – Casa Pia

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Pedro Moreira revealed that the striker had apologized and that the case had been “handed over to the administration.”

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Casa Pia coach Pedro Moreira confirmed on Saturday that Fernando Andrade had been excluded from the group for disciplinary reasons.

“When I arrived, I said that my decisions are for the good of the team, in the player choices. When I do that, it is because I want what is best for the club and the team. The players either respect him or they do not.” “It is logical. It was a reckless act. The main issue is that there is no thinking for the team, it is individual. I have to defend the working group. It is an abnormal situation. I have already spoken to the player and he apologized to me. It is a situation that can happen.” “, the coach said in the press conference for the Rio Ave match, Sunday (3:30 pm), in the 21st round of the tournament.

The decision comes after the Brazilian striker missed the last training session before welcoming Boavista, last Monday, after learning that he would not participate as a starter. register mentioned.

“The administration is dealing with the issue in a normal way. Confrontation is one thing and disagreement is another, as is the case here, and it is an unreflective act. But the concern is about what we will do in Vila do Conde.” Kasabian's coach added, “I did not feel a change in the behavior of the group, not on the individual level. I did not feel a change in the behavior of the group, neither with Boavista nor during the week. In a calm and peaceful way, I believe that the issue will be resolved next week.”

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Later, Pedro Moreira confronted the issue again and confirmed that he was not concerned about the timing of the news and reiterated that Fernando Andrade's situation was “not a problem.”

“It's not a normal situation, but it has to be seen calmly, not as a problem. In a certain situation, someone who was not in the best interest of the group, was thinking alternatively to what we want. We have to understand that. Was it the ideal time to do it? No, as It makes sense as a captain, I won't think about one person, I have to think about the other 23, 24 people around me who want us and can help achieve the club's goals. The main goal. I can't control what you journalists are trying to find out and how you know it, I have no idea either. “This is your job. I'm not the person who is going to reach out or ask my communications department to communicate something, 'What happened today.' This is not my goal or interest. Timing is the least of my worries. What worries me is about balance, calmness and the way of managing situations. I think that's what the club did. They cannot say that these cases are big problems. They're not, they're things that need to be resolved. One thing is certain: we have lost a choice. But we need those to be added to the group for this purpose. I repeat again, the player apologized to me, and the case was handed over to the administration. How it will be resolved, I have no idea. Because it came out, probably in the recent past, it came out much faster, it took 4 or 5 days to come out, which is an advantage. He explained that what worries me is related to the team, the group and the work, and the focus is on what we have to do against Rio Ave.

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Written by Andre Antunes Pereira

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