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'Castlevania': Dreamcast prototype can now be played

‘Castlevania’: Dreamcast prototype can now be played

Remember “Castlevania: Resurrection”? An initial version of the game will be released to Dreamcast 22 years ago, but which one re-appeared online earlier this month? We talked about here in Digital lookAnd the But what was just a video clip YoutubeNow anyone can play it.

Site crew Sega Dreamcast Preset Games, Which found the prototype in the first place, now makes ROMs and files associated with the game available Through The prototype includes several levels, plus a boss battle against Medusa.

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Since the file is actually an unoptimized build for an incomplete game, “Castlevania: Resurrection” will be bug-ridden. The download includes emulation files, as well as a burning and playing version of a real Dreamcast.

The prototype is a demo made before the show that appears behind closed doors at E3 in 1999, and runs on an old Sega console. At that time, the match was postponed until March 2000 and then postponed until the end of that year. Amid the deadlines, Sega announced the cancellation of the project.

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At that time, rumors arose about the poor quality of the game, which could have been the reason for the cancellation. But according to Castlevania: Resurrection Technical Director Greg Ordoyan, the game was vandalized internally by “some people in Konami who have their own plans.” According to him, the launch of PlayStation 2 (PS2) in 2000 – and thus the short life of Dreamcast – ruined the developer’s plans, including the launch.

Castlevania: Resurrection was developed by Konami and will take place in 1666, before the events of Simon Belmont in the original story. The title would be fully 3D and it would have featured a new hero in the universe of Sonya Belmont, Victor, who would have been a vampire hunter in the nineteenth century and who would have abandoned his lineage out of fear for his fate.

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Victor Belmont was eventually included in the ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2’ series. There, the character claims to be a descendant of Gabriel Belmont, the last surviving person of the clan lineage.

The last original game in the ‘Castlevania’ franchise was ‘Lords of Shadow 2’, and it was released in 2014 for PlayStation 3 (PS3), Windows PC and Xbox 360.

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