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Catarina Furtado loses her temper and “throws herself” at Maria Vieira – Nacional

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Catarina Furtado was attacked several times by María VieiraWhich has been characterized by recent controversial and inflammatory interventions towards multiple targets, and has now seized the opportunity to take revenge on the former actress.

The 51-year-old broadcaster was challenged to take part in the “Final Judgment” segment, on the program “Conversas ao Sul”, on RTP Africa, where she had to choose who would not turn the chair between two groups of two characters.

After preferring Antonio Zambogo to María Vieira, broadcaster David Dias provoked by saying: “María Vieira, she always has something nice to say…” Then Catarina Furtado asked, explaining: “A very stupid thing. Maria Vieira has something very stupid and very offensive to say. There are people who do not know how to be born happy.”

But in the opinion of The Voice Portugal presenter, There is one person inferior to Maria Vieira in your eyes: Andre Ventura, the leader of Chega. To justify this, Catarina Furtado mentioned what bothers her about the far-right politician: “I will not change because I do not believe anything Ventura says, because there are many things that are untrue and dangerous.”

Maria Vieira responded to Catarina Furtado’s opinion on the social networking site, “You have the right to say what you think about me, just as I have the right to say what I think about her.”

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