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Catarina Furtado responded to the wave of criticism after a controversial video

Catarina Furtado responded to the wave of criticism after a controversial video

Catarina Furtado broke her silence over the controversy she found herself embroiled in after joining an international protest – with the aim of raising awareness of the demonstrations taking place in Iran to demand more freedom for women following the death of Mahsa Amini, 22 years ago. .

The presenter was criticized for cutting off a very small part of her hair and seeing her gesture as a way to “mock protest”.

After publishing a video to participate in the global series in support of Iranian girls and women who were killed and raped by the morality police, there were those who criticized her. I do not accept the greater meaning of a campaign aimed at not forgetting such an urgent issue, so I removed itHe justified this, noting that he would not allow on social networks the presence of those who are not “really supportive and sympathetic to the suffering.”

“In my virtual home only those who truly support and sympathize with the suffering can enter. Unfortunately, I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been working on these human rights violations for 22 years, especially on the grounds of gender.He noted his work on the most diverse issues of solidarity.

Aside from the controversy, Catarina Furtado has continued to share, alerting her to what is really important to her. On International Day of Girls and Girls, the RTP face states, “All girls and girls who, if we do nothing, will remain victims of massive missed opportunities, deferred commitments and forgotten promises.”

“We need more young women in decision-making settings, schools without discrimination, encouraging critical thinking, transformative analysis and social justice. Comprehensive sexuality education is essential in school contexts and in care programs that listen, teach, teach and support, without indoctrination. We teach. Already how it is done, Covid-19 has caused a 20-year setback to the rights of girls and girls, so we have to act urgently,” he finally pleaded.

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Catarina Furtado added to her words a photo in which she appears alongside Jorgiane, one of the 34 grantees of the Corações Com Coroa Association – founded by the Liaison Officer.

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