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Catarina Furtado shows a unique photo with her daughter: “My Poppy is 17 years old”

This Thursday, May 25th, is a celebration Catarina Furtado that it Joao Reis. BeatriceThe couple’s daughter is 17 years old. The date when the presenter marked social networks with a private message and a photographic record of the mother and daughter.

Poppy is 17 years old! I go back in time and see myself a lot! However, the challenges today seem much more complex to me. I hope that this Generation Z will come to revolutionize human relations as well.” I started writing.

(Instagram run, DR)

A few days ago, I read an article about our youth’s demand for authenticity. Hope we make it! It is necessary not to pretend, not to play games, not to appear rather than to exist.I continued.

I hope my daughter will always be loved by everyone who passes through her life. They will definitely be privileged! And Beatrice may never have suspected it. I know I’m a suspect, but our daughter is absolutely irresistible! “ She completed, and turned to her husband.

Remember that in addition to Beatrice, Catarina Furtado and Joao Reis have one more child in common, John15 years old. The actor is also a father Maria that it FrancisBorn from previous relationships.

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