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Catarina Gouvia is experiencing moments of distress due to her husband's health

Catarina Gouvia is experiencing moments of distress due to her husband’s health

NS Today, November 19, was a milestone for Catarina Gouvia for the worst of reasons. In the stories, the actress revealed via her Instagram account that her husband, Pedro Milo Guerra, is feeling bad, which is why they went to the hospital.

“How, really, we do not control anything in life. Today will be the penultimate day in our house. Scheduled appointments and 1,000 things to take care of,” he began, because he is in a phase of changes.

“Pedro felt bad in the morning, with a severe, rapid, sharp, localized headache. We went to the hospital and were monitored and tested”, reports.

“All possibilities go through our minds. All I could think of was ‘yesterday everything was fine and I didn’t even know how good it was to be fine.'” “Being healthy and being healthy. I feel deeply grateful and aware, but even so, I still fall into a routine that leaves my head spinning and think I have a ‘world’ above me to solve,” she meditates.

“Suddenly, we remember that nothing else matters and that being healthy and well walks in heaven. Really! Being healthy is the invisible crown we carry but only notice when we’re sick. It gives thanks every day, really. To us and everyone else we love.”

But he reveals what happened to his partner: “Finally we’re home and fine. As for his friends, Pedro doesn’t have his cell phone, but he’s fine. He was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and is now on medication and recovering.“.

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