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Catarina Martins says Luis Felipe Vieira case 'came' - Benfica

Catarina Martins says Luis Felipe Vieira case ‘came’ – Benfica

The BBC’s national coordinator defended on Friday, in Santa Maria da Vera, that had it not been for the “mixing” of economics, politics and football, more people would have seen what “succumbed” to the eyes of Luis Felipe Vieira.

Catarina Martins’ comment about the detention of the Benfica president, for alleged damages to the state in deals over 100 million, came in the public presentation of the BE candidate to the Municipal Council of Fira, in the Aveiro region for which he is the head of a list who wants new housing policies and less real estate speculation, To argue that “it is not enough to provide for survival – it is necessary to live in dignity for all.”


Pedro Ribeiro does not hide his sadness:

The BE leader supported this view, beginning with lamenting that the Portuguese economy was based on “large rentier economic groups living on the concession” and later noting that the investigation with the Benfica president came to confirm what he had already realized.

“In recent days, with the arrest of Joe Berardo and now Luis Felipe Vieira, there are a lot of people who seem very surprised!” How could these things have happened? “.In PE, we have no surprises because we have always decried this economy, and more than that: we have always deplored the mixing of business and politics, and yes, football too.”

For Catarina Martins, this combination of interests “means that a lot of people don’t want to ask the necessary questions and don’t want to see what’s on their minds.”

Emphasizing that BE has denounced many situations in which “privilege and rentierism are hidden, calling it meritocracy or entrepreneurship,” and arguing that “the financial system and real estate speculation are the worst that has ever happened to the economy of this country.” The party coordinator said the change was also due to the choices that had been made. Voters took it in the September local elections.

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“When we say we want to build solutions so that nothing is as it was before after this pandemic, it is because we want to do justice and make sure that this system of privilege will not last or survive,” he said.

Catarina Martins admitted that BE representatives may be “very troublesome” about the urgent need to restructure the national economy, but insisted: “We reject the idea of ​​being surprised by every scandal and asking questions only when the bubble has already burst, after which real estate funds are always created New, new irregularities between real estate, banking, politics and football, waiting for another bubble to burst 10 years later.”