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Catarina Miranda reveals the words of Daniel Pereira’s friend: “She is very hurt.”

Catarina Miranda reveals the words of Daniel Pereira’s friend: “She is very hurt.”

Kataria Miranda Who attended? additional to Big Brother 2024 This Monday, June 3. During the broadcast, the former competitor revealed a conversation she had with her friend. Daniel Pereira, Marilyn.

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“I spoke to Marlene. Since the house is not interesting, I will provide you with content here to help us move forward. I heard that Mr. Daniel went on the program this morning [Dois às 10]that it could be Katarina Miranda's fault and the closeness I had to him and that I could love him“, he started by saying.

It's like I don't know if he's delusional, or taking something he shouldn't have. That would never happen, I thought it was funny, but whoever I find funny loses their sense of humor quickly. So I called Marilyn” she continued. “Well, if you're like me, while you're adopting, I'll do thirty times worse. I spoke to Marilyn, she was always waiting for Panelo and never had anyone, and she herself gave me permission to say this, because that is what they implicitly refer to in the daytime programs. Therefore, I am here to restore the truth. She said no, that she was always waiting for him, and that she was very hurt by him and his attitudes. That when I was on the program, she was always going to parties, that she had nothing to do with me, that she didn't like what she saw between Margarida and Panelo, that she didn't think it was good, she didn't. “I don’t think this is normal,” he said, “and that she realized that my friendship was with Panelo, and she herself really enjoyed seeing it.”

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