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Cattiny 2 Cheat Creator Bungie Will Pay Over $13 Million

Cattiny 2 Cheat Creator Bungie Will Pay Over $13 Million

Bungie scored a major victory in its fight against cheaters, especially cheaters in Destiny 2.

Desde agosto de 2021 que a Bungie luta nos tribunais para travar as batotas da Elite Boss Tech, alegando que, entre outras coisas, violam direitos de autor ao modificar conteúdo original. The dispute ended through an agreement and with the defendant agreeing to pay huge financial compensation.

Elite Boss Tech will pay Bungie more than $13 million and prohibit it from creating, distributing or making available any software that infringes Bungie’s copyrights, thus achieving a major victory.

A Elite Boss Tech admitiu que o seu programa de batotas introduz código no código registado de Destiny 2 e inclui uma interface gráfica sobreposta à que está no código. This is a violation of the recorded work and is against the rules required by US law.

Another important point the defendant has admitted to dodging is that her cheating circumvents Bungie’s anti-fraud system, which is another contravening law. Despite this, the company still sells cheats for Halo Infinite, CSGO, Dead by Daylight, Apex Legends, and Warframe.

This is the second victory in 2022 that a company in the video game industry has against cheat makers or hackers who manipulate registered copyrighted code, after Nintendo’s recent victory against Doug Bowser, who helped develop modified software for Nintendo consoles.

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