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Caviar turns iPhone Pro Max into a jewel made of 159 black diamonds

Caviar turns iPhone Pro Max into a jewel made of 159 black diamonds

Caviar, the luxury brand that transforms high-end smartphones into unique pieces, has launched its new Garden of Eden collection. The star is the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a coating made of Caviar that includes no less than 159 black and white diamonds in sizes ranging from 1 to 2 mm.

The model received the name Mystical Panther due to the panther engraving cast entirely in 18-karat gold which also includes more than a hundred diamonds.


All details of the model are covered with luxurious jewels and the imitation of leopard skin is created by spots of black enamel on gold.

The Mystical Panther model is available in three variants with internal storage capacities of 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. Each version has a different price, starting at $60,360 for the basic version and ending with $61,070 for the maximum storage capacity.

Black diamond image of Caviar's Mystical Panther

In direct currency conversion, we are talking about values ​​between approximately 56,170 EUR and 57,000 EUR. Anyone interested can purchase the model Directly on the Caviar global website. But be careful, Mystical Panther is limited to only 14 units.

The iPhone 15 Pro is also part of the Garden of Eden collection

Gorgeous orchid photo of caviar
Gorgeous Orchid Credit@Caviar

But the Garden of Eden collection also features new, very luxurious versions of the iPhone 15 Pro, with the Bird of Paradise model featuring a layer of 24-karat gold and 139 Swarovski crystals, while the Wonderful Orchid edition combines red calfskin with 24-karat and 139-karat gold. From Swarovski crystal. Nine diamonds.

The Lovely Butterflies edition features 35 diamonds and a coating that combines 24-carat gold and white calfskin.

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Image of bird of paradise caviar
Bird of Paradise Credit@Caviar

These luxury versions of the iPhone 15 Pro can also be purchased on the global Caviar website at a starting price of $9,630, or about 8,960 euros. Any of these variants have 99 units available for purchase.