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The measure will visit real estate, vacant land, and areas at risk of contracting sexually transmitted viruses |  Image: cloning - Image: cloning

CCZ makes a joint effort Thursday against Aedes aegypti at Villa Canaria

This Thursday, 11, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the Center for Zoonoses Disease Control (CCZ) is promoting another task force to control Aedes aegypti. The initiative lands on São Pedro Avenue, in the district of Villa Canaria, in Salvador.

The mobilization is being promoted by the Municipal Health Service (SMS) and is part of the “Summer Without Mosquitoes” plan, which aims to prevent and reduce mosquito breeding sites in the city in the pre-season.

With the support of specialists from Salvador Urban Cleaning Company (Limpur), the event will visit properties, vacant land and areas at risk of arbovirus infection. Residents of the communities covered by the strategy should cooperate with agents, who will also direct residents to maintain self-care and vector control.

According to CCZ coordinator, Isolina Miguez, the current pre-summer period is the most favorable for mosquito development. The reason for this is due to the climate that is characterized by sunshine with little rainfall.

“The goal is to leave the environment in the best possible condition to eliminate potential Aedes outbreaks,” explains coordinator Isolina Migues.

Between January and November 2021, Salvador recorded 688 cases of dengue, 371 cases of chikungunya and 53 notifications of Zika. Compared to the same period last year, the three diseases have decreased by more than 90%.

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