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CEBAL promotes a session on the role of science in innovation and social impact

The session aims to explore the role of science in society in terms of its contribution to solving social problems and needs, as well as its usefulness as a generator of methodologies that allow the evaluation of social impacts, as CEBAL revealed in a press release.

CEBAL also adds that “Social innovation has recently gained prominence in Portugal through the creation of the Portuguese Social Innovation Initiative, a pioneering public initiative in the country and in Europe, aimed at promoting social innovation and promoting the social investment market in Portugal”.

It is also reported that CEBAL has also begun to make its contribution in this field through its new project “És (cola) Science – A supplementary educational strategy based on scientific thinking, a bet on promoting school success,” which “focuses on around the social problem of school failure in Baixo Alentejo. And which aims to “highlight the contribution of scientific experiments to this problem.”

The session aims to address and reflect how science assumes this central role at various levels. You can follow the session live on the Zoom platform and it is open to the general public.

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