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Cedric Jubilee's lawyers are demanding his release

Cedric Jubilee’s lawyers are demanding his release

«Non, Cedric Jubiller n “Nothing to add”. On Tuesday, July 6, his lawyers spent three hours separating the investigation into his wife’s disappearance in front of the Toulouse Court of Appeals’ hearing room. Three hours to challenge every aspect of the case, he was charged with the murder of the dolphin jubilee who was in the process of divorce and was remanded in pre-trial custody until his disappearance on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020 in Cognac-les-Mines, Dorn.

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As soon as he wakes up, in a white shirt large enough for him, we expect Cedric Jubilee to hear him release. On Tuesday morning, however, the trial was to be devoted to the sole examination of his possible release. The investigation into the disappearance of the 33-year-old nurse is now continuing beyond a frantic secret. “I had the intention to attend a wonderful trial, with brilliant requests, but they did not take place., Briefed the Advocate General. We are not here to discuss crime. ” Of the suspect. He was asked to be remanded in custody pending trial. Defense lawyers pleaded for his release.

A case without a confession without body

Too late, the audience had changed before it even started. This opportunity was very good for the defense of Cedric Jubilee, to lead its counter-attack, more media than the judiciary. Because the magazines that were seldom allowed in the room, at this time, were able to hear every detail of the file thus revealed. In every extract of Cedric Jubilee’s wiretapes. Every snippet you hear from the lover of the missing. Every quote from a witness. Everything goes there. Up to the cries of two neighbors during a cigarette break are determined by security at the nearest second according to one scene in the film at a time. Back to the future It aired on television that evening.

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“The balance must be restored, without engaging in the secrecy of instruction.”, M emphasizese Alexandre Martin. Like his two defense colleagues, the lawyer did not digest the June 18 Toulouse public prosecutor’s press conference. Dominic Ulceri put on display “Adequate Traces” The 34-year-old blaster led the painter’s accusation, almost six months to the day his wife went missing.

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