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Celine Dion and Jean-Jacques Goldman: Renee did not want them to work together ...

Celine Dion and Jean-Jacques Goldman: Renee did not want them to work together …

This Wednesday, March 30, Celine Dion celebrates her 54th birthday. Thanks to Jean-Jacques Goldman’s pen, throughout her life, the singer was able to find a place in French hearts. A successful collaboration that was initially denied by her husband Rene Angel.

Queen of the song but especially the queen of the day! This Wednesday, March 30th, Celine Dion is 54 years old. Throughout his life, he has established himself as a fashion icon A criterion in the field of music. If she owes her fame to her late husband Rene Angelil, the Quebec diva is also indebted to another man. Jean-Jack Goldman. In 1994, the singer resumed her title with Celine Dion on stage at Grand Rex during an Enforces concert. From the first notes, the latter was immediate Love at first sight in the singer’s voice. Michael Jones’ friend, who wanted to work with Celine Dion, took out his binder “Songs for Best Voices” And asked his registration agency to arrange a meeting with the Canadian. However, Jean-Jack Goldman did not expect such a reaction After meeting Diva and her manager-husband: “Right now, I felt both curiosity and a certain reluctanceHe said in 2013. And for good reason, Renee Angel did not see a possible collaboration between the two artists.

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When Jean-Jacques Goldman proposed to create the singer’s third album, the celebrity talent agency was quick to hesitate. To excel in the wife’s profession, Rene Angel feared that the lyrics of the talented composer would not apply to his supporter.. Also, Renee loved Charles’ father and the Nelson and Eddie twins Other artists, including Luke Flamingon, are participating in this new disc. After several exchanges, the translator I give it to you Succeeded in convincing him. In 1995, Jean-Jack Goldman gave him one of the best titles ever For you to love me again. Celine Dion is a song that will be forever grateful.It was an incredible encounter. I will never forget that moment. Being with Jean-Jax doesn’t work. This is a great love story “Said in the documentary titled At the end of his dreams.

© Agencies / BestimageJean-Jacques Goldman and Celine Dion concert on January 23, 1996 in Cannes.

Jean-Jacques Goldman changed the life of Celine Dion

For Jean-Jacques Goldman, there is no doubt: Celine Dion is just too much “Best Global Voice”. However, throughout his collaboration, the songwriter liked To be disappointed “ Degree performer My heart will continue. When he hosts an American show, The mother of the family learned to bring a little more sweetness to her voice. To help her with this new challenge, Jean-Jacques Goldman then instructed her to sing as if she had a baby in her arms. “Celine didn’t have to say it again, she understood immediately and found the right emotion.”Said Eric Benzi, director and co-organizer of the disc TwoIn columns of Parisian.

After the success of this album, Sold over six million copies, Both artists have received multiple collaborations. Even if he retires from the scene, Jean-Jack Goldman will be ready to return to the recording studio for his friend, as revealed by our colleagues. Paris competition. “If Celine Dion asked him for a song he would never say no”. Yes, We do not change The winning couple.

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Photo Credit: Champion – Christoph Clovis / Bestimage