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CEO - ECO says: 'It was not sustainable' to maintain Via Verde's tariff offer

CEO – ECO says: ‘It was not sustainable’ to maintain Via Verde’s tariff offer

Via Verde’s leader “quietly awaits” ACP’s lawsuit and justifies price changes to maintain and add mobility solutions. 200 clients have already requested to stay with pass fee only.

Two days after hearing the Automóvel Club de Portugal (ACP) announce this “He benefited from the judicial and legal mechanisms available to him” To prevent Changes in tariffs made by Via Verdi Earlier this year, the CEO of the company explained where Prisa (75%) and Asindee (25%) explained to ECO What prompted the reshaping of the show, trust it Customers will want to maintain access to all servicesIn addition to paying fees.

Via Verde Autoestrada costs 49 cents a month or 5.75 euros a year, but is now only used for fees. If they want to take advantage of other mobility services – some of which were already included in the previous package, such as refueling at Galp stations, parking or McDrive – the cost will rise to 99 cents a month or 11.50 euros a year. There is also another version (Via Verde Mobilidade Leve) for occasional customers, where you only pay the monthly fee (€1.25) for the months you use it.

The Anti-Corruption Authority has announced that it has taken to the courts to block changes in tariffs introduced by Via Verde. Have you ever notified?

We have not received notification of the lawsuit yet. We keep calm and focus on serving our 3 million customers. And calm down about what we need to do about reshaping the show.

Were you surprised by the statement and ACP’s decision?

We were quite surprised, given the long-term relationship we have with ACP. Including The study of a new commercial offer for the benefit of the clients of the two entities was in progress. The teams were working on it. And in December, a member of the Executive Committee had the opportunity to explain the new remake of the show on ACP Television. We acknowledge that there may be some information we are missing.

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Was there any contact after this announcement?

There was no such opportunity. The teams were very surprised. We are quietly waiting for the caseBut above all we continue to work to serve three million customers.

The ACP criticizes what it calls a “disguised new tariff under a supposed restructuring of supply,” for imposing a higher value on the services it has already provided.

This is not true either. So far, This update is only applicable to half of our customers, those who do not have a purchase ID, which maintains its normal life from five to seven years. Then the mobility services that we now collect in the same offer [Via Verde Mobilidade] It has several components. One based on ID, the other on digital and newer solutions.

There are, in fact, things that were part of the previous package that have moved to this package, but There are others included in this Outlay Fixed, such as new partnerships in service areas or with reservations, or electric vehicle charging [Via Verde Electric], which are collected for each executed transaction. More: The new solutions we’re launching from a mobility standpoint will be incorporated into this method, as new partnerships we’re in the process of closing.

What prompted Via Verde to change the tariff model?

that it Outlay installed [adicional] 49 cents a month, less than two cents a day, It is so that we can continue to design and maintain these solutions with some associated value. We consider that the customer appreciates and loves these solutions. And in order to continue to make it available and make it evolve, specifically in the digital world, it is necessary to put some value on that. It wasn’t sustainable [manter a oferta anterior].

“This fee is fixed [adicional] So we can continue to design and maintain these solutions with some associated value.”

How did you arrive at these new values?

We have done market research, consulted our clients and know how much they would be willing to pay. We spent about a year studying thisThroughout the past year. (…) But this is not an obligation. If the customer believes that he should not have parking, fuel and electric charges other than the piece, ferries, Smart Drive, Insurance, McDrive, pharmacies, etc., do not own it. Since, basically, In terms of what is central to the functioning of the National Road System – which is licensed and owned by the Portuguese state – we have not changed anything. nor for [taxa de] inflation.

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How many customers have asked not to switch to the new method?

From December to today, The number of customers who requested to stay only as customers in the highway method does not reach 200. It is normal that until April [fim do período experimental de três meses, que decorre entre 5 de janeiro e 31 de março de 2022] There is more to making this choice. But it is actually an option in a competitive environment. There are many solutions for parking, fuel loading, etc. That’s why we don’t understand the argument [do ACP] “Abuse of a quasi-monopolistic position in the market”.

How many estimates are in April, when the trial period ends?

Out of the 3 million customers, only half of them use [nas] The highways and the other half use all services. And therefore, We believe that those who currently have the subscription model, which are those who normally use all services, will likely continue. to [mais] 49 cents a month, we don’t think there are many customers who don’t want to have access to all services – current and future.

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