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CEO of At.  Madrid apologizes for the new shirt

CEO of At. Madrid apologizes for the new shirt

Miguel Angel Marin, CEO of At. Madrid, published an apology to the members who were offended by the new home shirt, through an open letter in which he spoke about various controversial topics.

The director said that the design of the new shirts “try to wink at two historical aspects,” adding that it was “inspired by the Manzanares River, which had a great association with Atletico Madrid, which represents the river’s road.”

Remember that the lines on the new shirt are curved, which aroused a lot of controversy among fans. Apparently she intends to represent the Manzanares River.

“We apologize to the fans who do not like this design, but the only intention is to remember the past with respect and affection. On the other hand, in April 2023 we will release a shirt that will be a replica of the 1903, with the original badge that will celebrate the club’s 120th anniversary. He added that The shirt for the 23-24 season has already been approved with a classic design and is in the manufacturing stage.”

Miguel Angel Marin also ensured that At. Madrid will set up “a committee made up of representatives from the various supporters, which will meet periodically with the club’s social area to reach consensus on relevant decisions, such as future designs for shirts and other products.”

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