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CEO says Boeing won't "go after" Airbus for the next few years

CEO says Boeing won’t “go after” Airbus for the next few years

Chasing the feature that Airbus has unlocked is not in Boeing’s immediate plans, according to its chief executive.

Disclosure – Boeing

The American manufacturer’s production problems are neither few nor minor, and they affected all of its main products: mainly the 737 Max, but also the 787 Dreamliner, whose deliveries have stopped, and the 777X, which is five years behind schedule. And even the well-known 767, which has problems with the military version, the KC-46A.

At the same time, the market ordered a new aircraft from Boeing, Replacing the 757 in the first place, occupying the space between the 737 Max 10 and the 787-8, it primarily competes with the Airbus A321neo/LR/XLR.

The bottom line is that solving all these production problems has been the focus of Boeing, which wants to revolutionize the way aircraft are produced, before launching something new on the market. Many of these technologies, according to Seattle TimesIt is being tested and implemented on the T-7 Red Hawk military trainer aircraft, made in partnership with the Swedish SAAB.

However, these technologies haven’t matured yet, said Dave Calhoun, Boeing CEO.

“It will be a few years before we are confident that these tools have been tested and matured so that we can implement them at the next level. When that happens, we will create the next level, not the opposite.”The CEO of the space giant said.

The CEO’s quote refers to the methods being implemented to correct problems that the 787 has had in the fuselage, which has created defects. With the next plane, Boeing wants to make sure it’s not “ahead” of the machines it will be making.ensuring perfection from the beginning of the process to its end.

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