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Cervical cancer.  Brazilian vaccine with promising results

Cervical cancer. Brazilian vaccine with promising results

uA vaccine against advanced stage cervical cancer, developed by researchers at the University of São Paulo in Brazil, will have good results in preclinical trials in animals. This is indicated by a report published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences.

Created to kill cancer cells associated with HPV, the vaccine has been shown to be effective and safe when combined with chemotherapy. The vaccine will not cause liver or kidney damage. It also does not cause weight loss in mice.

The next step is to test it on humans. Scientists will take blood samples from people at high risk of developing the disease to isolate dendritic cells (white blood cells of the immune system) and stimulate them with immunity in the laboratory. The cells then return to the body to “teach” the immune system how to fight tumors.

This technology is considered groundbreaking and is expected not to affect healthy cells in the body, as chemotherapy and radiotherapy do. Scientists are confident that the vaccine can show the same effectiveness against other diseases as well, such as breast and prostate cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis, Covid-19, Zika and HIV.

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