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CES 2023: LG promises new TVs with a better, brighter picture

CES 2023: LG promises new TVs with a better, brighter picture

The major global consumer show, CES, will open its doors this week and, as always, brings together major technology manufacturers to present their news lineup for 2023. LG will have a new family of TVs to show off, touted as the most powerful OLED models yet..

Although there are no outstanding technological features, Rollable and stretchable screensThese models are aimed at practical domestic consumption, with an emphasis on ever-improving image quality. the The Evo series features new OLED models in the Z3, G3 and C3 range, promising even more detail and image fidelity thanks to the new 6th generation α9 processor.

You are Alpha processors use the most advanced AI and deep learning systems to improve picture and sound quality in any possible scenario. Even images in need of high-level optimization are guaranteed too, with dynamic color tone mapping, with detail in every frame. Objects of interest are detected and enhanced by the image processor, such as people’s faces, giving you a more realistic color palette. As for the audio, which is powered by AI Sound Pro, it promises to surround users in virtual surround 9.1.2 straight from the TV speakers.

See in the gallery of pictures of LG TVs:

TVs feature a new lighting control architecture, Which allows to increase the brightness up to 70% compared to the previous generation. All brightness schemes are pixel-controlled, resulting in sharper, more realistic images, LG notes.

But if TVs are more sophisticated indoors, their aesthetic presence in living rooms is also an important factor for the manufacturer. a Dubbed One Wall Design, a system that hides any item attached to a wall, as if it were a picture. In addition, they intend to be more ecological, with measures from their production to the end of the use cycle. Being supported by a backlit unit, TVs require less materials in their production. Recycled plastics and eco-friendly packaging, as well as monochrome printing also aim to help the environment.

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To reduce the harmful effects of blue lights, LG 2023 OLED models have received certification from TÜV Rheinland. Also concerned about reducing the effect of flicker, UL Solutions certification ensures a smoother picture.. Add in Dolby Vision and Atmos technology for picture and sound to bring the experience closer to the cinema. The icing on the cake seems to be the IMAX and DTS:X quality, which will be enjoyed even better if you have a soundbar paired.

The webOS platform has a redesigned user interface with more customization options, using quick cards to provide faster access to content and services. You can access categories such as home office, games, music, and sports. AI learns from user tastes and makes personalized content recommendations.

Gaming is, of course, a mainstay of TV, offering 0.1ms response time, low input lag, and four HDMI 2.1a ports so you can connect all your next-gen consoles and PCs.. The Game Optimizer system helps to switch between selected game resources, taking into account the type of each of them. It has G-Sync FreeSync Premium compatibility and a variable refresh rate.