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CES 2024: The best technology exhibition in Las Vegas in an edition that broke records in innovation – Multimédia

CES 2024: The best technology exhibition in Las Vegas in an edition that broke records in innovation – Multimédia

From January 9 to 12, Las Vegas became a scene of technological innovation. CES concluded this year's edition with record numbersamong more than 4,300 exhibitors, including more than 1,400 startups from around the world at Eureka Park, advance Organizer CTA (Consumer Technology Association).

In addition to the number of visitors exceeding 135 thousand people. Records are also broken CES Innovation AwardsThis year, it received more than 3,000 entrieslargely due to the opening of a new category dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence was definitely one of the trends that distinguished the technology show in Las Vegas, But there is more to discover Since the organization plans to return in 2025, We took the opportunity to highlight some of the key innovations that left no one indifferent this year.

In televisions, proposals for transparent screens from the South Korean giants Samsung and LG caused a sensation. On the one hand, Samsung's prototype, based on MicroLED technology, merges the presented content with the real world, with images transformed into a kind of “floating” hologram.

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Unlike Samsung's prototype, The model developed by LG has a specific arrival date, in this case, before the end of 2024It claims to be the brand's first wireless OLED TV with a 77-inch transparent screen and displays 4K resolution.

From TVs and holograms we move on Screens for smartphones and mobile devices, an area where TCL has demonstrated the development of its NXTPAPER technologywhich will be integrated into two new tablets that promise greater protection and comfort for the eyes, without compromising on image quality.

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You Smartphones that can be folded 360 degrees, such as the In&Out Flip, is part of Samsung's vision for the future of flexible displays. In addition to the foldable designs, the South Korean technology division specializing in displays took the opportunity to take it in its “bag” to the CES exhibition. Rollable panels, included in equipment such as Rollable Flex or Flex Hybrid.

But there was also space to showcase solutions Flexible OLED displays for cars, such as the Flex Note Extendableis designed to improve the viewing experience for passengers taking into account the content being played.

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Regarding cars, The mobility area was one of the areas that had the greatest expression at the show in Las Vegas, the CTA says, noting more than 600 exhibitors.. There has been no shortage of innovative proposals for cars this year: from Volkswagen, which will bring a chatbot powered by GPT technology to its cars, to the Afeela concept car controlled by a PS5 controller.

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HyundaiThrough its Supernal division specializing in advanced air traffic, Big bet on the S-A2 “flying taxi”.an evolution of the eVTOL vehicle originally introduced in 2020 at CES.

With room for a pilot and four passengers, the car has reached the latest milestone on the roadmap to commercialization. If all goes as planned, the S-A2 should hit the market in 2028, after reaching the safety levels necessary for commercial aviation.

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Artificial intelligence, games and new experiences with more “augmented” reality.

One area where the presence of AI has been felt “strongly” is computing. From Acer to Dell, not forgetting Asus, HP and Razer, manufacturers have reinforced their commitment to new Intel processors that provide support for new experiences powered by this technology.

The latest Intel Core Ultra chipsets are also present In the MSI Claw, the portable video game console created by MSI as the next “competitor” to the ROG Ally from Asus or Legion GO from Lenovo.

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Still in the gaming phase, Asus Republic of Gamers showed off the ROG Phone 8 linewith two models powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which are lighter and smaller than the previous generation.

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Along with the focus on smartphones, and even accessories with a “retro” touch for those who miss the experience of typing on a physical QWERTY keyboard, There are those who want to go further, like the rabbit with R1, his AI-powered “pocket companion.”

However, the concept of this little gadget has some similarities to Humane's AI Pin. The startup founded by Jesse Liu takes a different approach, especially in the use of artificial intelligence, using its Large Business Model (LAM)..

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As Apple prepares to launch the long-awaited Vision Pro in the US, The world of augmented, virtual and mixed reality headsets and glasses is gaining more dimension.

Sony was one of the brands that took advantage of the exhibition in Las Vegas to “lift the veil” on one of its new innovations in this field. It doesn't have an official name yet, but its extended reality (XR) headset features a 4K OLED display, six cameras, and other sensors for spatial recognition.

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The new Sony XR headphones for professionals” data-title=”The new Sony

TCL's new features at CES 2024 also include a Lite version of RayNeo X2 augmented reality glasseswhich uses a Snapdragon AI 1 processor to perform real-time translation and provide voice navigation instructions, which could hit the market in the third quarter of 2024.

TCL Ray Neo X2

Credits: TCL

” data-title=”TCL RayNeo TCL Ray Neo X2

Credits: TCL

Accessibility wasn't forgotten at CES 2024. The headset developed by lumen acts as a virtual “guide dog” to help those who cannot see navigate the world. It is expected to reach the markets during the second half of this year.

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As is already the case, CES also tends to be a stage for more “outside the box” technological innovations. This year, the friendliest robots were in the spotlight, among proposals to help with housework or take care of four-legged friends.

A toothbrush that “talks” to the person using it, smart pillows for snoring and sex toys are among the most curious gadgets, which you can see in the gallery below, but who will win the most bizarre prize? Maybe an additional mouthpad^, which acts as a kind of trackpad, but for the mouth.

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SAPO TEK has been following everything that happened at CES 2024, with the main announcements that define the trends for this year and next, but also the most curious gadgets that always appear at these exhibitions. Follow everything in the CES 2024 file.