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César Victora, A Path for Life and Science, wins an honor at the Agora Abrasco

César Victora, A Path for Life and Science, wins an honor at the Agora Abrasco

Cesar Victora during his conference at Epi2017. Photo: Charles Steuck / Abrasco

More than 30 years have been dedicated to pioneering and innovating in epidemiological research and education, forming generations of new and new researchers, on a path intertwined with the development of scientific knowledge in Brazil and the world. Next Wednesday, June 2, at 4 pm, Abrasco Agora Abrasco will be holding another, in a very special session: in honor of Cesar Victora.

In May of this year, the International Association of Epidemiology (IEA) awarded Fector the Richard Dole Prize for Epidemiology 2021, the world’s leading scientific award in the field. Dedicated to scientists whose tracks have contributed to developing knowledge about fundamental issues of population health, the award will be presented at the World Congress of Epidemiology, in September.

The award adds to several other awards, such as the Gairdner Awards Global Health, awarded in 2017; Being in several rankings of the world’s most influential researchers; Honorary positions at Oxford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins; His contributions to institutions of excellence on the world stage, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), to which he has been a consultant since the 1990s, and the magazine The scalpel, Who is a member of the editorial board. In Brazil, among other awards, he was awarded the title of Commander of the National Order of Scientific Merit, in 2010.

Professor Emeritus at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), holder of a Postgraduate Program in Epidemiology at the same institution and Director of the International Center for Equality in Health, Cesar Victoria is also Abrasciano. He is Abrasciano special, not only because of his scientific size, but also because of his unique and generous ability to contribute to shaping the field of public health and SUS. At the last conference of the X Brazilian Congress of Epidemiology, held in 2017, in Florianópolis, he shared with the public some of the achievements in this path, from the first groups of Pelotas to Equiplot, and made his contributions to public policies related to mother and child. Health and Global Health, a historical record, available here.

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In this Ágora Abrasco, it will be Cesar’s turn to hear and remember a few of these stories through the words of his academic activists, friends and students.

APRASCO Honoring Epidemiologist Cesar Victora

Wednesday, June 2 at 4 pm

Building epidemiology in Brazil: Naomar de Almeida Filho (Vice President of Abrasco, UFBA and IEA / USP)

The Path of Cesar Victora: Pedro Hallal (UFPEL)

Caesar’s participation in the International Energy Agency: Carina Ribeiro (IEA Representative for Latin America)

Degree: César Victor (UFPEL and the International Center for Equality in Health)

Coordinate: Gulnar Azevedo e Silva (President of Abrasco, UERJ)

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