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Changes to the Apple Maps service are pulling users away from Google Maps

Changes to the Apple Maps service are pulling users away from Google Maps

Apple has greatly improved its Maps and added features that are of great value to users. According to a report, these improvements have succeeded in returning iPhone users to Apple Maps instead of Google Maps.

For a long time, Apple Maps has been a mess. By the way, you will surely remember that even the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, apologized for the poor quality. The platform provided erratic results, and images without great detail, which prompted many users, after booting up their iPhone, to install Google Maps.

Now, things are finally looking up and iPhone owners are starting to appreciate the changes Apple has made to its Maps app, according to a report by Wall Street Journal.

Google Maps used to be the default map app on iPhone and iPad, but that changed after the announcement of iOS 6. Apple Maps had several bugs, including poorly placed labels for landmarks, businesses, and missing roads in cities. The user experience was so bad it put the Cupertino giant to shame.

Perhaps this was the turning point. The company started to develop a great work in maps and today it is already working hand in hand with Google Maps on many core features.

Design and reliability are currently an asset to Apple Maps

Changes such as attractive design, clear directions for public transit, faster routes, and better management of route unpredictability are changing the app's profile. Many users today no longer open Google Maps and allow themselves to be guided by the information provided by the maps. More so because it works in a very complete ecosystem.

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Some regular Google Maps users shared their opinion and were surprised at the results they got when the Apple Maps app was used at an airport. The app was able to detect that you were at the airport and recommended shops and restaurants in your terminal.

Users have noted that the Apple platform is, in many cases, much clearer in the information it provides than Google Maps. In fact, currently comparing the two platforms side by side in terms of location information, they are both very similar, with very similar routes and even traffic information to rub shoulders with each other. Not to mention speed camera alerts, among other causes of driver concern, for example.

By the way, some users believe that the Apple service, when displaying routes, allows for a better understanding, because Google services are increasingly overloaded with points of interest, which makes it difficult to analyze the route.

The native app is a huge asset to Apple

Even though the iPhone originally came with Apple Maps, most users immediately download Google Maps as an alternative. However, Maps is more integrated into iOS and services that need directions use Apple Maps.

On the Apple Watch, when using the Maps app while driving, it allows you to perceive information through haptic touches, helping drivers change direction without having to be distracted from driving. Just like many third-party apps today no longer provide Google Maps, that puts trust in the maps provided by Apple.

But beware, most users who drive still prefer Google Maps. And the search giant is still the best in the field. However, the truth is that the gap between the two services is now infinitely smaller, which gives Apple great credit for its efforts in recent years.

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In iOS 17, Apple brought its service closer to that of Google again and brought, among other things, the possibility for the user to use maps offline. An asset that was Google that quickly fell to the ground. But there is more, some news will come out with the final release.