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Charante-Maritime: Mandatory return of the mask outside of 45 tourist cities

Charante-Maritime: Mandatory return of the mask outside of 45 tourist cities

Health Crisis – In Sarande-Maritime, 45 tourist cities have been forced to wear masks again this Tuesday, while the department faces a resurgence of the epidemic.

The mask marks its great comeback on the streets of Sarande. Wearing this protection outside is mandatory again on Tuesday in Sarande-Maritime. In total, 45 tourist cities are Ile de Ray or La Rochelle. From Ile d’Oléron to the coastal resorts of Roan and Chattelon-Plague … Nicholas Baslier has ordered the extension of outdoor masks for everyone from the age of 11 except on the beach, forest and parks and gardens. Prefecture.

In recent days, the department has gained an experience “Rapid and Chaotic Development” Govt-19 epidemic – triggered by delta variation, more epidemic – reports, Monday, province. An announcement that agrees with the speech of Gabriel Attlin, the government spokesman who recorded France’s entry “The Fourth Wave”.

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Govit-19: Already a year of epidemics …

The screw justified this turn “Brutal Decay” Infection indicators. “This situation is already having an impact on economic activity, increasing the number of company closures, following positive lawsuits or employee liaison lawsuits.”, Underlining the province in its news release.

In total, about twenty bars and restaurants had to be closed, indicating a priority source. In Sorrento-Maritime, the incidence rate reached 145.4 cases per 100,000 population on Tuesday, up from 63/100,000 in France and 79.7 in the region, making it the most affected sector by the epidemic recovery.

Population mixing, less restraining gestures …

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during childhood and adolescence, with rates ranging from 395/100 000 and 20-29 years, respectively, to 545/100 000. “The deterioration of the situation is mainly explained by the very rapid spread of the delta variation, with the mixing of people in the middle of the summer and the loosening of respect for prohibition gestures,” he said. Priority refers to news release. Many bars and restaurants are forced to draw the curtain on the department as there are Govt-19 cases among employees.

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In other communes of the department, the mask is practiced in some places and outside such as markets, concerts and outdoor events such as public events, stations, vaccination centers, hospitals, shopping centers. Alcohol is banned from public roads, outside approved terraces, across the department from Tuesday to August 31st. In addition, the head of the Charande-Maritime made it clear that he did not do so “Do not forbid anything” For the rest. He plans to impose curfew on bars and restaurants if the health condition worsens France Blue.

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