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Charged with the murder of Oliver Raven Ronning

Charged with the murder of Oliver Raven Ronning

The police were in contact with the couple just hours before the crime occurred. Photo: Helgi Mikalsen/VG

Police had been in contact with Oliver Raven Ronning, 22, and his girlfriend, 18, shortly before Oliver was killed. Now the friend is accused of murder.

According to the indictment, her boyfriend repeatedly hit Ronning in the face and head with a bat in their shared home.

They moved into the apartment just two days ago.

The woman accused has now admitted the violence, but denied criminal guilt. She claimed she acted in self-defense.

According to the indictment, the prosecution wants to submit a request to imprison the accused.

The woman is also accused of violence against Ronning on two occasions in October 2023, during which she allegedly choked him and slammed his head into the ground several times.

Defense lawyer Heidi Yessen told VG that she has not been able to speak to her client about the indictment yet and therefore cannot comment on the case.

VG has not yet been able to contact Assistant Attorney Hanne Wold Johansen or State Attorney Helene Holtvedt.

He was in contact with the police

Police previously confirmed to VG that they were in contact with the couple at 10pm that evening in relation to an incident that occurred earlier that evening, Sunday 26 November.

This was just hours before the murder.

The police did not take any practical measures because neither party suffered injuries that meant they needed medical treatment, the Sur-Est Police District previously told VG.

VG previously wrote that Ronning then returned to the apartment to gather his belongings, while his mother waited for him outside. Thus, she witnessed the killing of her son.

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New investigations are required

The office was notified after the murder because police had been in contact with Ronning and his girlfriend, 18, following a violent incident just hours before Ronning was killed on November 26 last year.

His relatives reacted strongly to the fact that their son did not get help from the police when he requested it, and they believe the murder could have been avoided.

On the other hand, the office dropped the case in February, but in April the Public Prosecutor requested further investigations into the case.